About Nesten

Nesten is a revolutionary network provider specializing in IoT-optimized blockchains and communications networks. We use an advanced multi-layer ecosystem to drive community-based participation that enables users to function as individual access providers building a highly secure, transparent, and scalable network.

Nesten aims to become the preeminent IoT network provider, leading the industry with unparalleled excellence in blockchain and IoT technology.

Nesten’s values are grounded in the vision of a democratic IoT infrastructure operated by and for its participants. In pursuit of this, we are empowering individuals to establish a sustainable, broad-reaching, and multi-tired blockchain communications network that expands accessibility to users around the globe. Participants in the Nesten network make meaningful contributions to the growth of the sharing economy, in which everyone can reap the benefits of the IoT revolution.

Nesten was founded in 2018 to realize our dream of changing the wireless communication landscape dominated by incumbent giants, instead giving the vote and the voice to the users. The initial deployment of our G1 wireless node, a high-performance computing platform, included significant coverage footprints in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, as well as additional nodes in the New York, New Jersey, and Washington, DC; California. Thousands of wireless nodes are expected to be in full operation in North America by the end of 2020. By 2025, Nesten will be a leading global network and data provider with the distribution of 1 million wireless nodes worldwide.
In establishing a community-based network via individual system wireless nodes, Nesten can collaborate directly with cities and local governments to implement real user application technology for secure, efficient, and transparent data collection, management, and storage at a decentralized level.