User Scenarios
You should not only “dream” with us,
but “see” that our dreams “really” come true.

Personal Emergency

Contacts the authorities and user’s emergency contact when the user presents an unusual heartbeat or breathing pattern

Pet Tracker

The Nesten network can provide pet owners with year-round monitoring of their pets, without monthly fees. The pet owner can simply pay for location data only when his or her pet needs to be tracked.
Security & Smart Home

With security breaches becoming more sophisticated each year, any IoT security system needs to implement a complex set of requirements with extensive computing resources. Nesten is building the powerful blockchain infrastructure and platform needed to adapt to emerging threats in the industry.
Smart Shopping

Nesten can create a new unique retail experience with token economics and advanced wireless technologies. Under this Smart Shopping environment, retailers can achieve an increased brand loyalty and understand token ecosystem. They can also leverage state of the art technologies such as latest Wireless and Artificial Intelligence, to create a dynamic retail environment where both customers and retailers feel satisfied.

Today’s farmers are embracing precision cultivation and deploying IoT devices and data analytics for increased yields. Nesten’s intelligent edge computing with sensing and positioning can provide effective monitoring and management of water, fertilizer, pesticide, and soil conditions.

Traffic Control

Nesten can provide not only network coverage for traffic control and parking space management, but also data analysis to alleviate traffic congestion.


Nesten’s blockchain infrastructure with intelligent data analysis will be able to assist logistics organizations by providing transparency, automation, and cost optimization throughout the supply chain process.
Food and Beverage

Nesten can enable warehousing and freight optimization by intelligently analyzing and processing distributed data from temperature and humidity sensors. This process can help keep perishable foods fresh and detect environmental changes.
Nesten’s New Business Model

It is “you” who builds our ecosystem.
It is also “you” who gets multiple benefits from the ecosystem.
Yes, you are the beginning, the middle and the end of our ecosystem.
1. Home Mining Reward

Yes, you heard it right. Our G1 mines at home. Don’t worry, though. You don’t need to have hundreds of computers, pay $$$$$ for electricity, or sweat all over because of the unbearable heat. One G1 will do. Just imagine low-cost, energy-saving mining happening in your living room 24/7. What’s not to love?
2. IoT data packet reward

A simple question here. What do your G1s exist for? They exist for data. And we believe the data is the new oil. The amount of data traffic will be measured and you will get the “IoT Data Packet Reward” accordingly. Yes, data is the new oil, but it will be valuable only when you are part of the network where the data travels.
3. Customers’ Data Request Reward

It is a never-changing truth that people always come to those who provide solutions to their problems. You go to school or learn skills for the same reason; to be able to give what they need. When the data you store is requested by a customer, he/she will pay you for the request. Tada~~ Welcome to the data marketplace!
4. Business Profit Sharing Reward

This is one of the most exciting aspects of our journey. Yes, we do believe that we have amazing technology. But, we also know that the technology will go down the toilet unless it is applied to daily life. Business profit sharing reward will be our way of expressing our sincere thanks to G1 owners for their belief in us. Someone said, “We never stop working for you.” We say, “We never stop benefiting you.”