New Horizons in Entertainment, Media, & Advertising

Solving the dilemmas of content digitalization
  • Unlimited free access and personalized content for users
  • Accurate and appropriate compensation for creators
  • Mitigating risk of copyright infringement, data piracy, and ad fraud
  • Eliminating intermediaries like streaming providers and content aggregators
  • Reducing transaction and administrative costs via micropayment processing

Customized end-user experience
  • Consumption-based pricing for individualized content
  • Instant, secure, and transparent peer-to-peer transactions
  • On-demand access

True protection of intellectual property
  • Cryptographic encryption ensures data security and ownership
  • Assets remain immutable, secure, and archived as historical record
  • Opportunities for promoting digital memorabilia and merchandising via NFTs
  • Ability for creators to tokenize, monetize, and publish specific content