Expanding 4G LTE & 5G in Korea and beyond

The potential of truly private cellular networks
  • Complete data control at the user level
  • Impenetrable, immutable local security of all data and traffic
  • Cost-effective with no reliance on centralized servers or domains

More capabilities, less constraints
  • Individually operated, readily deployable nodes for rapid scalability
  • Reduced storage and bandwidth demand on system infrastructure
  • Minimized processing latency for timing critical scenarios
  • On-demand diagnostics and real-time analytics for constant performance and user experience improvement

Meeting the moment with Nesten
  • Proven methods to facilitate mass adoption at consumer and enterprise levels
  • Prepared to lead the paradigm shift in telecommunications
  • Deep expertise in complex, end-to-end network development
  • Industry knowledge to generate greatest value for both the user and the network

Empowering People with Emerging Technology: Scaling CBRS

Nesten recently joined the OnGo Alliance, a coalition of technology and telecommunications companies dedicated to supporting the development, adoption, and implementation of LTE solutions for CBRS. CBRS expansion falls directly in line with our commitment to empowering people with a trusted and transparent communications platform, one that is not only universally beneficial to all network participants but also offers economically viable opportunities for building wireless networks on emerging technologies.