Your Health, Your Way

Personalizing health care like never before with
  • Integrated bio-sensors to monitor critical health metrics and operational functions like pharmaceutical delivery
  • Support for Health-as-a-Service (HaaS)
  • Partnership opportunities for bio-sensors and wearables

Customized health care in the palm of your hand
  • Detailed tracking, recording, and reports
  • Optimize your exercise or training regimen
  • Maintain full control of your personal health data
  • Track your sleep and vitals
  • Receive real-time alerts & notifications for set criteria, like low blood pressure or inactivity
  • Set reminders for routine activities such as medication or blood sugar testing

Senior care, simplified
  • Request immediate emergency assistance with SOS button
  • Send medication reminders
  • Send and receive notification of fall or injury from 6-axis motion detection
  • Continuously monitor location of at-risk patients, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia patients

Changing the Way We Care for the World: Remote Health Care in Action

JSV Innovations, a company committed to providing quality, affordable health care and public health programs to underserved populations, has committed to establishing 350 health care centers for rural communities in three of India’s northeastern states. They are using Nesten’s G1 nodes and T1 trackers to transmit patient data in real time back to the clinic and to track field workers to ensure their safety, improving health care opportunities for millions of people.