Get In and Get Paid with Proofs

It’s your network, so you should be the one to benefit. Nesten’s advanced proof system makes it easy to earn Nesten’s Rewards that you can use anywhere, for anything

Proof of Performance (PoP)

What it measures
  • Ensures network performance and reliability via quality of internet connection
  • “Heartbeat” status message sent from node to blockchain every hour

  • How you get it
      1) Purchase G1 Node
      2) Plug it in and set it up
      3) Keep it going
      4) Get Rewards
  • 24 heartbeats in 24 hours = Rewards

Proof of Coverage (PoC)

What it measures
  • How strong is your network coverage
  • Determined by existence and strength of signal in various locations throughout a network

How you get it

1) Set up a G1 node
2) Sync with a Nesten tracker within your projected coverage area
3) Node registers data from tracker to verify coverage
4) Both node and tracker owners get Rewards
Proof of Data (PoD)

What it measures
  • How much data “traffic” is using your node
  • Assessed by level of data traffic and number of data packets processed by node
  • Fixed reward for baseline amount of data; additional Rewards for amounts beyond baseline

How you get it

1) Device on your network generates data
2) Your node turns it into metadata and sends it to the blockchain
3) You get Rewrads
Proof of Value (PoV)

What it measures
  • How valuable is the data processed by your node
  • Assessed by data valuation performed via AI/ML analytics inside your node

How you get it

1) Device on your network creates pattern-specific data
2) Your node processes that data
3) You get Rewards
Proof of Efficacy (PoE)

What it measures
  • To keep the network growing up and out
  • One-time incentive bonus

How you get it

1) Install a node and set it up
2) Establish a network in an area where there wasn’t one before
3) Get Rewards