Shared Parking? Smart.

End-to-end network for limitless opportunities
  • Fully integrated system can be adapted for myriad industries
  • Low-power, long-life Bluetooth-enabled sensors
  • Intelligent LoRaWAN wireless stations (G1 node)
  • User-friendly customizable apps
  • Optimizes existing infrastructure and technology

Improving the driving and parking experience
  • Real-time occupancy status monitoring for parking spaces, including specialty spaces like EV charging stations or spots reserved for people with disabilities
  • Pinpoint accuracy indoor, outdoor, and campus-wide
  • Hour-by-hour, advanced, or in-time space reservations
  • Turn-by-turn navigation

Embracing a new economy
  • Instant and secure peer-to-peer transactions
  • No overhead fees
  • Hybrid system for a streamlined and flexible payment process

Expanding the Sharing Economy: Smart Parking in Practice

Nesten has partnered with PNI Sensor to bring blockchain economics and IoT connected shared parking to a range of parking management use cases including smart cities, parking guidance, and corporate and university campuses. Currently activate in several cities and countries around the world, PNI’s smart parking systems are impacting everything from EV usage and parking enforcement to logistics and economic development.