User Scenarios
Personal Emergency Response System

Hatsu’s Health Monitor

Contacts the authorities and user’s emergency contact when the user presents an unusual heartbeat or breathing pattern
Pet Tracker

Pet: Max
Location: Veterans Park, 309 Esplanade, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

The Nesten network can provide pet owners with year-round monitoring of their pets, without monthly fees. The pet owner can simply pay for location data only when his or her pet needs to be tracked.
Security and Smart Home

Entrance Door Locked via Jane’s Phone

With security breaches becoming more sophisticated each year, any IoT security system needs to implement a complex set of requirements with extensive computing resources. Nesten is building the powerful blockchain infrastructure and platform needed to adapt to emerging threats in the industry.
Food and Beverage

Product: Organic Banana
Harvested: 07/16/20
Origin: Riverside, CA, USA

Nesten can enable warehousing and freight optimization by intelligently analyzing and processing distributed data from temperature and humidity sensors. This process can help keep perishable foods fresh and detect environmental changes.

Shipment: AS733312
Last Location: Los Angeles Fulfillment Center, 07/06/20, 4:35am
Status: In Transit

Nesten’s blockchain infrastructure with intelligent data analysis will be able to assist logistics organizations by providing transparency, automation, and cost optimization throughout the supply chain process.
Traffic Control

Car: 2B2022
Notification: Accident ahead
Status: Communicating with other vehicles to find alternative route

Nesten can provide not only network coverage for traffic control and parking space management, but also data analysis to alleviate traffic congestion.

Green Field: A245
Humidity: 95%
Soil pH: 5.00
Notification: Potassium Shortage Possible

Today’s farmers are embracing precision cultivation and deploying IoT devices and data analytics for increased yields. Nesten’s intelligent edge computing with sensing and positioning can provide effective monitoring and management of water, fertilizer, pesticide, and soil conditions.