Nesten Vision

Our objective is to revolutionize the telecommunications industry by implementing community-driven network operations that leverage cutting-edge wireless solutions and multi-layer blockchain technologies.

Our approach to network development is community-based, promoting the growth of a sharing economy from the grassroots level. We encourage the participation of common households and communities in building and expanding the network.

At our core, we firmly believe that the data you generate belongs to you, and as such, you should possess absolute and enduring control over it, starting from its creation to its utilization.

Through the integration of IoT, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence, we have the ability to unlock immense value and foster connected experiences, leading to their humanization and creative advancement.

Instructions on Swapping NIT for DWIN

Tier 1 conversion, up to 20,000 NIT

Tier 2 conversion, > 20,000 NIT

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